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    Jul 07, 2015 Renovating Neverland
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    Investment real estate by far has been one of the most exciting ventures I have pursued. Finding properties in need of love and restoration has proved to be a very rewarding journey. I spend countless hours researching abandoned properties in hopes of finding owners or heirs whom might be interested in selling so that these buildings can one day be restored. One thing I have learned to appreciate in this process is the feeling of accomplishment when I am able to save a property and fill it with love and life once again. I love my city and I love everything that it has to offer. History being one of the most fascinating interests of mine flourishes in our streets and neighborhoods. While venturing into the world of renovations and restoration I have met some of the most wonderful people that share the same interests as me. I have also come across Captain Hook and several pirates hiding in plain clothes that only see dollar signs. Success is measured many different ways by all. Do I need to survive and put food on my table? Yes. Do I need to drive a $50,000.00 sports car? No. Have I lost my marbles? Perhaps. The business of renovations and my love for being involved in this market of real estate is not to get rich. It is a passion. A passion at times that bares very little in return for the hours upon hours I spend tracking down heirs, previous owners and the properties in which they once lived. In all of this one thing I have realized is that unfortunately pirates cut corners, take advantage of home owners and gouge prices to inflate a market so they may line their treasure chests. The biggest misunderstanding is that although everyone needs to make a living you can still do so being fair. The real gold isn’t money. The real gold is doing right by the previous owners, the future ones and the houses themselves. Money comes and goes but history lasts forever. I challenge you to think a happy thought and join me and the rest of the Lost Boys as we continue to fight the good fight, one home at a time.

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