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    History is born again with the renovation of older and historic houses. Where some might see junk, I see possibilities. We live in a new day and time with vast amenities; however there is truly something beautiful about living in and restoring and older home. Once condemned by the city and forgotten about, I cannot help but wonder why. The details, character and charm speak for themselves. Craftsmanship of the past still stands the test of time and although neglected, a little bit of love, time and patience can do wonders towards bringing back the homes of our past. I often find myself wondering about the previous owners and families that lived in these houses. What would they think or say if they could see them now? How would they react towards watching their childhood home full of memories slowly fall to the ground, neglected and unappreciated? History should not be forgotten and those happy memories should live on forever. I may not be the most successful man in the world, however when I am gone I can rest easy knowing with the renovation and restoration of these homes, they will live well beyond our time and into the memories of someone new.

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